/pɪs / (say pis) Colloquial (taboo)

verb (i)
1. to urinate.
2. urine.
3. an act of passing water; urination.
a. any alcoholic drink, especially a weak one.
b. beer.
5. all piss and wind (or piss-'n'-wind),
a. loquacious but insincere: he's all piss and wind.
b. of little substance: her speech was all piss and wind.
6. a piece of piss, an easy task.
7. full of piss and vinegar, full of energy and vitality. {Phrase Origin: in US and Canadian English, vinegar is a colloquial term for semen}
8. on the piss, on a drinking spree.
9. piss about (or around), to mess about.
10. piss (all) over, to beat or confound utterly.
11. piss down, to rain heavily.
12. piss in someone's pocket, to behave obsequiously towards someone. {Phrase Origin: British thieves' slang don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining meaning `don't try to deceive me'}
13. piss into the wind, to embark on a futile course of action.
14. piss it in, to do something with ease.
15. piss off,
a. to go away: to piss off from the party.
b. (offensive) (a dismissive imperative.)
16. piss on,
a. to drink considerable quantities of liquor, especially beer.
b. to beat convincingly.
17. piss oneself,
a. to urinate through loss of control of one's bodily functions, as through fear, excitement, uncontrollable laughter, etc.
b. to laugh uncontrollably: they were pissing themselves as he told the story.
18. piss someone off,
a. to send someone away.
b. to annoy someone intensely.
19. take the piss, (sometimes followed by out of) to poke fun.
{Middle English pissen, from Old French pissier, of imitative origin}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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